Your Olive Mill for Making Olive Oil

At Almazara Fergua, we not only offer our exceptional extra virgin olive oil but are also the perfect choice for those who want to make oil. We provide a comprehensive service that includes the extraction, production, and bottling of oil made from your own olives.

Olive Mill Service for Creating Oil

In addition to offering our selection of oils, at Almazara Fergua we also transform the efforts of farmers into top-quality olive oil with exceptional flavour
If you wish to produce oil, you can bring us your olives, and we will collaborate to turn them into our varieties of olive oil with unique organoleptic qualities.
We invite you to discover the complete oil extraction and production process at our olive mill. For more information, know us.
If you’re interested in working together on your olive oil, feel free to get in touch with us.


Purchase Extra Virgin Olive Oil Online or at Our Olive Mill

Our extra virgin olive oil, Fergua and Monte de Santa Ana, is the result of a family tradition spanning over 100 years of dedication to olives.

If you’re looking to buy olive oil online without compromising quality and with unique organoleptic qualities, our online store is the ideal choice.

You also have the option to visit our olive mill  and buy our oil in person.

We invite you to discover the unique qualities of our two exclusive extra virgin olive oil brands: FERGUA and MONTE DE SANTA ANA on our online store.