Almazara Fergua:
A Legacy of Tradition, Passion, and Flavour

We Are Tradition:
A Heritage of Generations

In the heart of Jumilla, a legacy of over 100 years of passion for olives and olive oil has written the story of our family and our olive mill.

For us, Fergua is not just a business; it’s a living testament to how love for this industry has been passed down through generations, evolving and embracing technological innovation at every step of the way

Founded in the late 19th century in the centre of Jumilla, Almazara Fergua expanded its facilities in 1989 by moving to the outskirts of the city. Shortly thereafter, we modernized our machinery, leaving behind traditional presses to embrace the most advanced technology. Today, we take pride in having state-of-the-art technology that allows us to extract and produce the highest-quality olive oil.

Over the years, thanks to the experience passed down from generation to generation, we have become true masters in olive oil extraction and production. We are proud to be the fifth generation continuing the family tradition of caring for olives and producing some of the finest olive oils in the Region of Murcia.

At Almazara Fergua, passion and expertise come together to offer you a unique flavour that stems from our roots and spills onto your table.

We are Flavour:
Care at Every Step of the Process

The essence of exceptional olive oil lies not only in the raw material but also in the production process. At Almazara Fergua, we value and meticulously care for every detail throughout the process to ensure that every drop of our oil is a masterpiece of flavour
Limpieza de Oliva


Reception, Cleaning, and Olive Weighing

Every batch of olives that arrives at our olive mill is handled with meticulous care. The olives undergo a thorough cleaning process to eliminate any impurities.


Yield Analysis

We analyze the yield of the olives to determine how much oil can be obtained in proportion to the total weight of the olives. This is essential to ensure the quality and quantity of the oil produced.


Crushing and Beating

At this stage, the olives are transformed into a paste through crushing and then beaten to homogenize it, thus releasing all the characteristic aromas and flavours of the olive.


Centrifugation and Extraction

Before extracting the oil, the paste goes through a centrifugation process in a decanter, separating the oil from water and solid residues, such as olive pulp and pit. Subsequently, the oil goes through a vertical centrifuge to remove any remaining impurities.
Decantado del Aceite de Oliva



The extracted oil is stored and protected from light, preserving its optimal organoleptic qualities before undergoing the filtering process.



To remove moisture and any suspended organic matter, the oil undergoes a filtering process, preparing it for bottling.
Envasado del Aceite de Oliva



Finally, we package the oil with utmost care. We use containers that protect it from heat, direct sunlight and air, ensuring that it maintains all its high-quality properties and characteristics. Each bottle is a testament to our commitment to excellence and flavour.

At Almazara Fergua, our process is a journey that respects tradition, harnesses technology, and focuses on flavour, from the olives to your table